HUSUM WindEnergy, Списание Енерджи ревю - брой 4, 2012


Catch the wind in Husum

HUSUM WindEnergy 18–22 September 2012

The wind world has been coming to show its wares in Husum for almost

a quarter of a century, and HUSUM WindEnergy 2012 promises to be the

biggest and best wind show ever.

So how did a small town on the west coast of Germany’s northernmost

federal state become the wind capital of the world? It’s all about location,

location, location – and the fact that this is where the industry began to

grow from the dreams of a few pioneers to the global industry it is today.

Situated just south of the Danish border, Husum has been the hub of the

international wind industry from the very start, and has retained its leading

role as the premier global industry showcase because besides presenting

the most comprehensive range of products and services from all over the

world, it is also seen as the true home of wind power.

There are major trade fair venues all over Germany and the rest of Europe

that can offer concrete exhibition halls in downtown areas, but where

apart from Husum can you see a wind farm in action just a short walk

from the exhibition halls, or speak with locals who have years of experience

as turbine operators, or pop around the corner to see a training

tower used for practising work and rescue at height? Or see what public

acceptance means in practice. If there are lessons to be learned, they

have all been learned in Husum.

The simple fact is that Husum has the experience, the knowledge, and the

history as a centre of wind expertise, and its trade fair is the mother of

all wind trade fairs. This is why this year’s exhibition is expecting 40,000

visitors from 90 countries, who will be seeing the stands of 1,200 exhi bitors

from 30 nations, over a total exhibition space of 60,000 square metres.

HUSUM WindEnergy Congress

The congress, which runs parallel to the fair on 4 days (18–22 September

2012), will be offering more than 75 programme events in 4 conference

rooms. Around 200 speakers from all over the world will present and

discuss the latest topics and trends affecting the wind industry with the

approx. 5,000 expected congress visitors.

The NordseeCongressCentrum at the Husum exhibition grounds was

opened for the last HUSUM WindEnergy in 2010, and has since then

hosted a variety of renewables sector events. These include the Offshore

Business Meetings and Conference, organised by the Schleswig-Holstein

wind agency Windcomm, the World Summit for Small Wind organised

by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), and the New Energy

Congress, which runs parallel to Husum’s annual New Energy trade fair.


Saturday at the HUSUM WindEnergy Congress is as usual dedicated to

training and qualifi cation, with the now traditional Windcareer job fair.

There are plenty of jobs in the sun, wind and biomass industries. Enterprises

in the renewable energy sector will double their number of employ ees

over the next ten years. This will bring the total number of people employed

in the sector to over 500,000. There is already an enormous demand for

qualifi ed staff, and in the light of the advance of environmentally friendly

technology this number is be expected to rise signifi cantly. The German

labour market also profi ts directly from the global renewable energy boom.

German small and medium-sized enterprises see this promising sector

as a special dynamo for the German economy, the locomotive for future

economic development. Windcareer is where prospective employees can

meet their prospective employers, and where companies in the wind

sector have the opportunity to present the career prospects they offer.

The social side of things

True to its reputation for being more than just a trade fair, HUSUM

WindEnergy 2012 will once again be offering its exhibitors and visitors

the full Husum Experience. Whether you are a work hard, play hard type

of person, or someone who prefers to gently enjoy the fi ner things in

life after a long day at the fair, the organisers are doing their utmost to

ensure that you fi nd the right experience to suit yourself. The numerous

side events and parties that are held between the exhibition grounds, the

harbour and Husum’s own brewery, the Brauhaus, are very popular with

exhibitors, visitors and local residents alike, and have now become a tradition.

Such events encourage networking and getting to know one

another in an informal atmosphere.

HUSUM WindEnergy is and always has been about wind, from the days

when mainstream energy producers laughed at the very idea of wind

power on an industrial scale to today’s truly global industry. Wherever

there has been a debate on the future of wind, grid expansion and public

acceptance of turbines, Husum has always been the point of reference.

Whatever aspect of the industry you are involved in or need to fi nd out

about, from the smallest of components to complete systems, about

fi nancing or feed-in tariffs, remote monitoring or planning restrictions,

HUSUM WindEnergy has always been the leading showcase of the global

wind industry.

Husum has lived and worked with nature for centuries; Husum is synonymous

with wind, and this is why the wind world comes to Husum, the

wind capital of the world.