Фирмени статииСп. Енерджи ревю - брой 6, 2012

Dear Dr. Satsios, please present to our readers SEMAN S.A. and its core competences?

SEMAN S.A. has developed an internationally rewarded know-how in the field of voltage-current quality improvement and electric energy saving in huge installations such as factories, commercial centres, towers, big hotels. This know-how, which has been rewarded by the University of Cambridge and by American Institutes, gives the possibility to SEMAN S.A. to guarantee 100% the final result of money saving that each company pays for electric energy.

In the past few years the scientific know-how of SEMAN S.A. has been applied with excellent results in more than 200 huge electrical installations in United Arab Emirates, in Saudi Arabia, in Russia, in Bulgaria, in Greece, in Romania, etc. It is remarkable that at all projects the final saving result achieved was always enough bigger than the guaranteed percentage, as it results from the testimonial letters of SEMAN’s customers. At this point, it must be noticed that while the theoretical pay-back period of the energy saving project is 2-3 years according the contract, finally it is reduced to 2 years because of the largest savings which are achieved. Therefore, the customers of SEMAN are safeguarded, as the calculations are in the safe side for them. The saving perchantages of money for electrical energy that are finally achieved are 10%-15% on average.

It is remarkable, that the electric energy saving projects of SEMAN S.A. occasionally win also rewards in huge multinational groups. For example, group General Mills, that allocates 250 factories in all the world, granted to the energy saving project of SEMAN, executed in its factory at Inofita Viotias, the first reward as a project of innovation and special performance in optimal energy management.

In the past few years, the innovative know-how of SEMAN S.A. was recognized widely in various countries of the world. Concretely, in September 2009 after a laborious evaluation and invitation from the government of United Arab Emirates, SEMAN created the company SCIENTIFIC ENERGY MANAGEMENT DMCC with registered head office in Dubai. Until today SEMAN with SCIENTIFIC ENERGY MANAGEMENT DMCC have completed important saving projects with excellent results. Characteristic example is the saving project that was completed in the tower that accommodates the Hotel Mazoon in the region of Dubai Marina, where the final saving result in money for electric energy was 18.36%, which is higher than the initially guaranteed 13.2%.

Moreover, in early 2010 SEMAN S.A. in collaboration with the known Rumanian company Elcomex S.A., which noteworthy manages the nuclear factory in Tsernabonta of Romania and supplies with electric energy more than 400 factories, created Elcomex - SEMAN S.A.. This new company applies with excellent results the saving know-how of SEMAN S.A. in the Rumanian industries, rendering them more competitive.

SEMAN is focused on scientific energy management. What are the latest trends in the development of your know-how for energy savings?

The specific know-how of SEMAN S.A. consists in the development of innovative mathematical models based on the `finite element theory`. These models are able to simulate with great accuracy all the complex processes occurring in an Electrical installation.

For example SEMAN S.A. is able to simulate and predict with great accuracy all of the followings :

1. `Proximity effect losses` on cables due to the routing and the neighboring of the cables.

2. `Skin effect losses` on the cables from the harmonic distortion

3. Resonance frequency of the harmonics

4. Additional power losses at the power transformers

5. Reduction of the electric motors efficiencies due to harmonics and voltage drops.

That way SEMAN S.A. can simulate an entire electrical installation providing integrated solutions for the improvement of power quality and efficiency of the various electrical loads and power transformers.

Some of these integrated solutions include the design of customized Active and Passive Filters for the harmonics reduction, combination of customized harmonic filters with power electronics, SCADA systems for real time monitoring and load balancing etc.

All the above provided by the team of SEMAN S.A engineers. lead to a significant Electric Energy and money saving for the companies.

Which are the latest industrial and energy projects in the SEE region, realized with SEMAN’s products and engineering solutions?

This question gives me the opportunity to notice that one more confirmation of the absolutely successful energy saving projects of Seman is the fact that from the very first moment that SEMAN S.A. completes a saving project in an installation that belongs to a wider group of enterprises, this group assigns a saving project to SEMAN S.A. for all associated group factories. Such latest examples constitute the following groups: Alumil, Alfa Wood, Hellenic Petroleum, Drujba Glassworks, General Mills, Philip Morris, Continental, Unilevel, Vodafone, Karelias, Nikolaidis th.bros SA (steel tubes industry).

Could you describe some of your current projects?

Some of our current projects are Soya Mills SA at Isthmia Greece and Rajhi Steel industries CO LTD, a steel factory in Riyadh S.Arabia.

Specific economic data of these projects are the following:


Saving perchantage: 9,60%-project cost 220.000,00 euro- payback period 28 months -profit 5 years after the payback 469.751,85 euro, profit 10 years after the payback 939.503,70 euro, profit 15 years after the payback 1.409.255,55 euro.


Saving perchantage: 10,15%-project cost 6.800.000,00 sar (1.379.145,29 euro)- payback period 42,6 months -profit 5 years after the payback 1.942.892,60 euro, profit 10 years after the payback 3.885.785,20 euro, profit 15 years after the payback 5.828.677,80 euro.

What comprises SEMAN’s plans for Bulgaria? Do you have an intention to open a representative office here?

We have already established a new company in Bulgaria few weeks ago, and in collaboration with the Bulgarian Industrial Association we organize a conference in 22/11/2012 where we will present in detail the arising financial advantages after the implementation of our scientific project as well as our innovative scientific energy saving project.

In parallel we are preparing offers to big industries such as Solvay Sodi Denya , Nestle, Drujba Glassworks in Sofia, United Milk Company AD at Plovdiv, and others. With the implementation of our innovative scientific project, we believe that there are great possibilities for energy & money saving for big energy consumers in Bulgaria.