STREISAL, Списание Енерджи ревю - брой 1, 2015


...streisal – innovative mixing technology and a wealth of experience

streisal GmbH was founded as a submersible mixer manufacturer in 1988.

With a multitude of technical innovations we have meanwhile developed into an internationally active, medium-sized full range supplier of agitators and mixing systems for various applications :

– Biogas Plants

– Wastewater Treatment

– Industrial Process Engineerin g

streisal offers an extensive range of products from submersible motors, a modular system of various different horizontal submersible agitators to vertical agitators and special solutions, all designed to meet your particular needs and requirements. Based on our many years of experience and the knowledge gained from numerous mixing experiments, we can always select the right product for each particular application from this variety of options .

Contact us – our staff enjoy working out individual concepts for you.

STREISAL GMBH . Pettermandstraße 2 . D-88239 Wangen im Allgäu . Tel +49.7522.7079650 . Fax 80450 . ww w.streisal.de . info@streisal.de

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