Юръп Метал Уърк България, Списание Енерджи ревю - брой 5, 2017

РЕКЛАМНА ПУБЛИКАЦИЯ Юръп Метал Уърк България

Prime Design EUROPE


The state of the art roof rack solution for each and every possible mission.

Prime Design Europe roof rack are protected by one or more of the following patents: 5,297,912; 6,092,972; 6,099,231; 6,202,807; 6,427,889; 6,764,268; 6,971,563.

Prime Design Europe is a leading manufacturer of accessories for light commercial vehicles. Our focus is on the development, production, sales and distribution of innovative solutions for your van or pick up.

With a wide range of innovative and patented solution we can make your van into an ergonomic tailor-made working tool for your specific application.

Contact or sales team to consult you what products we can offer you!

Our production facilities can work with you and your convertor company to make your van the perfect work tool. Ready for the job!


The unique ergonomic ladder rack solution for any possible mission.

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Sofia 1345 , Bulgaria

Phone: +359 2 820 3965; 820 3496

Fax: +359 2 820 2651

Prime Design Europe

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